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Top 9 Best Warm Premium Dog Blankets – 2019

A premium dog blanket is a blanket that’s leagues ahead of a regular one. Instead of using an old sheet you have lying around your house for your dog, you can invest in a premium dog blanket that they will appreciate and snuggle into.

However, the buying process is not an easy one – especially if you want value for money but quality as well. You have to consider many things, such as the price, material, durability, and whether you can use it inside or outside. Even the color matters, tying it in with your home’s décor while offering a calming palette for your dog.

A premium dog blanket is also something that’s no longer only “premium.” There are also many regular blankets that manufacturers try to pass off as being better than they are. While you may take a little extra time in research, it can be worth doing, so you end up with a better-quality product. Some of these below might meet the mark.

9. Luciphia Super Soft Premium Pet Blankets for Dogs and Cats

If you want your pet to be comfortable in their bed or pet carrier, and you’re not too worried about the means of comfort lasting a long time, then you may like to try out this premium dog blanket from Luciphia. These blankets are affordable, available in a range of colors and patterns, and come in medium, small and large.

Going by the images online, you would be blown away by the value for money. You get three plush blankets featuring double-sided coral velvet polyester – all for the price of what other manufacturers would sell one. However, once you get them in the mail, the product can be deceiving. They are far thinner than they look in the photos, meaning you may need to fold them up smaller to add density to them.

However, true to the manufacturer’s word, they are a soft and plush product. The polyester does not pill, it’s skin-friendly, and you can benefit from generous sizing options of small, medium, and large. However, it’s helpful to read the measurements before you order, so you know what to expect. With this premium dog blanket, it’s also beneficial to read the reviews before going ahead with your purchase. That way, you know what you’re buying.


  • Small, medium, and large size options
  • Ten color options
  • Three-pack
  • 104 x 78 centimeters
  • Double-sided coral velvet polyester
  • Skin-friendly
  • Pilling-free
  • Print design
  • Soft plush fabric


  • You get three blankets in one packet
  • Affordable price tag
  • Soft and comfortable fleece
  • Multi-use – ideal for pet carriers or beds
  • Generous sizing
  • Lovely color options


  • The material is thin
  • The measurements are not precise
  • The edges are not sewn well

8. Allisandro Double Layer Premium Dog Blanket

When it comes to purchasing a new premium dog blanket, you have to think about your dog’s needs. Do they need a thick blanket that covers them entirely? Or, are they happy with a premium dog blanket that sits in their bed to add padding and softness? It doesn’t matter which is the case, this blanket from Allisandro will most likely suit both of your requirements.

The first thing to appeal about it, however, is the color scheme. Instead of being obnoxious or vibrant color, you can buy it in seven contemporary and neutral hues. Each of these will tie in beautifully with your home’s décor while also being the correct shade to promote calmness in your pet.

You can then buy it in three sizes with double thickness and machine-washable features. It’s fluffy, soft, meet safety standards, and is suitable for dogs and cats. It’s not as thick as it looks in the photos, and the measurements might not be precise, but it’s still a lovely premium dog blanket you may like to try with your pet.


  • Seven color options
  • Three size options
  • Double thickness
  • Fluffy material
  • Strict international safety standard compliance
  • Machine-washable


  • Neutral, contemporary colors
  • Thick and plush for added comfort
  • Plenty of size and color options to suit
  • Ideal for dogs and cats
  • Suitable for smaller dogs
  • Effortless to wash in a washing machine


  • Not as large as people expected
  • Thin fabric
  • Not as robust as in the photos
  • Expensive

7. PetAmi Waterproof Super Soft Microfiber Dog Blanket

This premium dog blanket is a beautiful addition to any dog’s bed, but it’s also a product that’s quite deceiving in the photos. While it’s plush and comfortable for your dog or cat, it’s more so in the pictures. It seems slightly on the thin side and loses more of its texture when you wash it.

In saying that, PetAmi has not skimped on fabric in the making of this premium dog blanket. You can buy it in two sizes, benefiting from soft Sherpa lining on one side and 460GSM microfiber polyester on the other. It also comes in 14 patterns and colors so you can match it to your pet’s other bedding or your home’s décor.

There are also other things to love about this premium dog blanket. It’s waterproof to make it easier to care for, and it’s reversible. When you tire of one design, you can flip it over and benefit from another. You can also use it inside and outside, enjoying how lightweight and comfortable it is. Its price tag will also appeal as well. This premium dog blanket has some faults, but it remains a valid option for many pet owners looking to offer their dog or cat some comfort when they go to bed.


  • Two sizes
  • 14 patterns and colors
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Sherpa lining
  • Soft plush fabric
  • 460 GSM microfiber polyester
  • Reversible design
  • Waterproof


  • Striking colors and patterns
  • Decent price tag
  • You can reverse the pattern
  • It’s lightweight
  • It protects your furniture from shedding
  • Plush and comfortable for your pets
  • Suits your home décor


  • Too thin
  • The measurements are not accurate
  • Loses its texture after you wash it

6. Friends Forever Soft Warm Deluxe Dog Blanket

Not every premium dog blanket you come across has to be a vibrant color that sometimes looks tacky. They can also blend in beautifully with your home’s décor while catering to all your furry friend’s needs. That’s the case with this premium dog blanket from Friends Forever.

It’s available as a pure crystal velvet and micro plus blanket in two neutral hues. As it’s double-sided, you can reverse it to benefit from the other contemporary tone on the side other. This blanket is also relatively generous in size at 41 x 53 centimeters, catering to small dogs and cats with room to spare.

If they create a mess on the premium dog blanket, that’s also not a problem. As this blanket is machine-washable, you can pick it up and put it in the washing machine, so it comes out as good as new. It will quickly regain its soft plushness while also not succumbing to pilling. If you require a new premium dog blanket to see your dog through the colder months, there’s no reason why this one won’t tick all the boxes for your needs.


  • Pure crystal velvet
  • Soft, warm fleece
  • 100 percent polyester micro plush
  • Pill-resistant
  • Neutral color scheme
  • Two-tone reversible
  • 41 x 53 inches
  • 200 gsm thickness
  • Machine-washable


  • Two neutral colors
  • Comfortable and soft plus
  • Affordable price tag
  • Well-sewn
  • Ideal for beds or crates
  • Protects your furniture from shedding and claw marks
  • It won’t drop hair or pill
  • It’s stylish and contemporary
  • You can clean it quickly in the washing machine


  • Lighter than expected
  • Doesn’t stay in place on leather furniture
  • Easy for dogs to chew through

5. Pawsse Sherpa Throw Cushion Mat Waterproof Dog Blanket

Puppies and dogs like to snuggle up to something at night, and if you don’t allow them on your bed, then let it be this premium dog blanket they snuggle into instead. As a Sherpa-lined fleece blanket with water-repellent fabric, it’s more than suitable for pups who are finding their way.

They can cuddle into the premium dog blanket at night, during the day, or even as they laze out on the deck in the sunshine. This blanket is lightweight enough to take anywhere, so it’s going to be a welcome addition to your home.

However, the convenience is not the only thing you will enjoy, but the contemporary elegance as well. This blanket comes in four different modern colors – all of which are bound to work with your home’s décor. It’s also reversible so you can swap between two tones.

This premium dog blanket is not the best quality on the market due to its thickness and how easy it is for puppies to chew. However, for an elderly dog that requires somewhere comfortable to sleep, it more than meets the mark.


  • Waterproof fabric
  • 50 x 30 inches
  • Sherpa lining
  • Four colors
  • Reversible style
  • Two textures
  • Soft, thick fleece
  • Water-repellent fabric


  • Multi-use for at home or in the car
  • Quality made
  • Ideal for cats and dogs
  • Choose from four contemporary colors that tie in with your home’s décor
  • The relatively affordable price tag
  • Will keep your pet warm in all weather conditions


  • It’s not very thick
  • It’s easy to chew through
  • It doesn’t fare well in the washing machine

4. Sunwod Premium Fluffy Flannel Pet Dog Blanket

If you want a premium dog blanket that has a bit of thickness to it, unlike most blankets on the market, then check out these offerings from Sunwod. Even though you don’t pay a lot, you get unparalleled value in return for the little amount of money you do spend.

You can buy one of two patterns – heart or Panda, and give them to your cat or dog to use. You can buy them as a dual-use carpet pad and also benefit from the one-inch thickness. However, that’s not all this premium dog blanket has to offer. It’s relatively generous in size at 37 x 27 inches, although other sizes could be better, and it’s skin-friendly too. If your dog has skin irritation, this is a welcome relief. It also offers dense quilting, double-sided fabric, and multi-line block design.

While it’s not going to stop your dog from chewing it if that’s what they do, it does go a long way to providing them with a bed and comforter all in one – helping them to make it through the colder winter months as comfortable as possible.


  • Heart and panda pattern options
  • Dual-use carpet pad
  • Cat and dog suitable
  • One-inch thickness
  • 37 x 27-inch sizing
  • Soft white cotton
  • Skin-friendly
  • Multi-line block design
  • Double-sided material
  • Thick quilting


  • Affordable price tag
  • Excellent sewing
  • Plush and warm
  • Thick fabric unlike others on the market
  • Prevents your furniture from becoming damaged
  • Two lovely pattern options
  • Multi-use – ideal for cats and dogs in any situation


  • Not enough size variety for different breeds

3. PAWZ Road Fabric Pet Dog Blanket

If you have a small dog that likes to curl up into a comfortable ball, then check out this premium dog blanket from PAWZ. For many people, this blanket is too thin – especially during the heart of winter when pets want to cuddle up and get comfortable. However, for dogs that require a comforter more than something that will provide heat, it’s more than a valid option.

You can buy it in three sizes – small, medium, and large, and even three colors – gray, blue, and pink. Each of the blanket options features double-sided coral velvet polyester which is incredibly soft and pill-free.

What you will also appreciate is that you can use this blanket in many situations. Take it with you on travels, put it in your pet carry crate, or add it to their bed. This versatile premium dog blanket is well worth a closer look.


  • Small, medium, and large sizes
  • Three colors – gray, blue, and pink
  • Double-sided coral velvet polyester
  • Soft plush material
  • Pilling-free
  • Multi-use


  • The edges are sewn in, so dogs aren’t so inclined to chew
  • Cute color options
  • Plenty of sizing options
  • Comfortable and plush
  • They stop pets shedding on furniture
  • Ideal for nap times
  • Affordable price tag
  • Colors for boys and girls
  • Ideal for cats and dogs


  • They are thin
  • No substance to them
  • The gray color is more beige than gray

2. Ohana Elegant Soft Warm Pet Blankets for Dogs and Cats

If you have a small dog or don’t mind getting a little premium dog blanket, then check out the offerings from Ohana. These luxurious blankets will meet the mark in many ways, being comfortable and snuggly for both cats and dogs.

You can buy them in beige, green, gray, and pink, enjoy the lovely polka dot design, and appreciate the soft double-sided coral velvet fabric as well. However, pet owners will also love how low maintenance these blankets are. They can help to protect furniture and collect fur but are easy to wash as well. Put them in your washing machine, and they will be as good as new. They also won’t fade and are lightweight to be able to take it anywhere you want to go. It’s easy to see why so many dogs love these premium dog blankets from Ohana.


  • Four colors – beige, pink, green, and gray
  • Three sizes – small, medium, and large
  • Ideal for cats and dogs
  • Polka dot pattern
  • Double-sided coral velvet fabric
  • Lightweight
  • Fade-free
  • Machine-washable


  • Low-maintenance
  • Lightweight
  • Multi-use to take with you anywhere
  • Funky style
  • Comfortable for cats and dogs
  • Affordable price tag
  • Well made


  • The measurements are not accurate

1. Snuzzle Luxury Sherpa Durable Large Pet Blanket

Snuzzle Luxury Sherpa Durable Large Pet Blanket

When you’re trying to find a new premium dog blanket for your furry friends, one of the most significant problems you will face is sizing. It’s a challenge to find a blanket that’s at the size claimed, or that is large enough to cater to your dog’s needs. That’s where this Snuzzle pet blanket comes in.

Even though it’s more expensive than many other premium dog blankets on the market, it’s worth it – if only for its size alone. It’s 50 x 60 inches and is more than big enough for large dogs to snuggle into.

It also features Sherpa lining on one side, extra-thick polyester fleece on the other, and is entirely machine washable. Once you take it out of the machine, you can then dry it immediately on tumble-dry in your drier. Your dog can have it back in their bed in no time!

It’s also available on one color – a light neutral gray. This color scheme works well with most contemporary home décor. While the “extra thick” is not all that thick, it’s still a far thicker blanket than others on the market. You can either let your pooch nest in it, leave it flat, or fold it up for added padding in their bed.

No matter what you choose to do with this premium dog blanket, you will enjoy how stylish, comfortable, plush, and well made it is. It’s well worth purchasing for your cats and dogs.


  • Sherpa blanket
  • 50 x 60 inches
  • Fleece material
  • Extra-thick polyester
  • Neutral colors
  • Machine-washable
  • Tumble-dry friendly


  • Very durable
  • Large size
  • Lovely color
  • Soft to the touch
  • Ideal for cats and dogs
  • Warm and heat-retaining
  • Suitable for beds, crates, and furniture


  • Expensive price tag

Considerations for Purchasing a Premium Dog Blanket

The world is full of inferior products, and premium dog blankets are no exception. It’s harder than ever before to buy dog blankets – especially when you know there are equally as many good ones as there are bad. Even by looking for “premium” doesn’t guarantee a premium product. Therefore, it’s crucial to do your research before you buy a blanket. You may find that the additional time you spend comparing products can save you a lot of hassle in the long-run.

  1. Size

    One of the biggest bugbears of blanket buyers is that when it arrives, it’s too small. However, the manufacturers post the sizing, and it’s up to the individual to check that those measurements work for your dog. In some cases, however, the sizing is inaccurate. Refer to the reviews to see if anyone has commented on this. Otherwise, make sure the sizing is to your satisfaction before you purchase the blanket.

  2. Color and Pattern

    Buyers are fortunate to have access to a significant range of blankets in different colors and patterns. While your dog doesn’t care what color they get, it can be helpful to select a calming shade that makes them feel at ease and suits your home décor. If you opt for vibrant colors or busy patterns, you may find it harder to match with other blankets in your home or dog’s bed as well.

  3. Material

    The material plays a significant role in the type of premium dog blanket you should buy. The common problem is that the blankets for sale online are too thin. Pay attention to what reviewers are saying and don’t rely on pictures alone. Often, these pictures don’t provide an accurate representation of the thickness. Think about what you are buying the blanket for. Does it need to be thick to act as a bed on its own? Or, is it okay for it to be thin as it’s going on your furniture or as a cover in their bed?

  4. Durability

    As most dog owners know, dogs can chew. They can eat their bedding out of boredom, frustration, anxiety, or because they are a puppy and get into everything. Think about your dog’s personality and match it with a premium dog blanket. Sometimes, you may need to spend a bit more money to get a blanket that’s suitable for tough little chewers. These tend to feature a canvas or high-denier material as opposed to a thin Sherpa blanket or polyester material.

  5. Versatility

    Before you go ahead and buy a new premium dog blanket, consider where you will be using it. Do you want to use it inside or outside, in a crate or on the floor? What about a travel carrier or their regular bed? Some blankets are double-sided, waterproof, and grippy for outdoor use. Others are merely suitable for use inside. Pay attention to the features to ascertain whether one premium dog blanket is right for you.


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