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Top 9 Best Twin Bed Frames for Saving Home Space – Sep. 2019

Just like a kitchen is the heart of the home, a bed frame is the central focal point of a bedroom. If you take pride in your home’s appearance, you’ll no doubt want a bed frame that ticks all the boxes for blending in seamlessly with your décor, all the while being comfortable and convenient.

Choosing a twin bed frame for your guest bedroom, your teen’s room, or your child’s room is just one of the many challenges those kitting out their new home can face, so why not check out the nine options below to find one that suits your needs perfectly?

There are so many affordable options to choose from, and you’ll love the timeless appeal of many of them.

9. PrimaSleep 18-Inch Twin Bed Frame

Whether you’re looking for a quality twin bed frame for your spare bedroom, or it’s all you require to sleep comfortably yourself, this PrimaSleep twin bed frame might just tick all the boxes. While it doesn’t come with a headboard, it does suit any room beautifully and has a sleek slat foundation made of steel to double the life expectancy of your mattress.

What’s most beneficial about this bed frame, however, is the ability you’ve got to choose. You can opt for 11.5 inches of space under your bed for storage, or 15.5 inches. It’s easy to assemble, you don’t need any special tools, and it even has round edges to avoid injury on corners. This twin bed frame is more than likely going to suit your needs perfectly.

8. Poundex PU Upholstered Platform Twin Bed Frame

If your spare room or child’s bedroom is in need of an upgrade, it’s well worth considering a twin bed frame from Poundex. These gorgeous bed frames are available in both pink and white and feature a modern, clean line design with a tufted headboard and soft-touch PU.

Unlike many other twin bed frames on the market, they are comfortable everywhere, not just where your mattress is. They also suit any room theme perfectly, while being supported by sturdy wooden legs, as well. Standing 12 inches off the ground, they’re the perfect height for a child or teen.

7. Zinus Modern Studio 14-Inch Twin Bed Frame

If you need an affordable yet well-made bed for your child, teen, or guest room, a twin bed frame from Zinus could meet all your requirements. Available in either black or red, this robust bed frame can support the heaviest of mattresses, and has ten wooden slats that prevent the mattress from sagging, as well.

It’s easy to assemble in just minutes, comes with plastic feet to protect vulnerable flooring, has non-slip tape for the mattress, and even comes with a five-year warranty. This competitively-priced bed will keep both wallet and homeowner happy.

6. GreenForest Twin Bed Frame

On offer from Green Forest is a twin bed frame with a difference. Not only can it cater to toddlers, kids, and guests, but it easily suits any home décor as well – from a nursery to a growing child. It comes with both a headboard and footboard, has metal slats for excellent mattress support, and it’s made from 100 percent steel for premium structural integrity.

This sturdy twin bed frame is well made, well priced, offers ample storage space, and adds a touch of elegance to any bedroom.

5. Zinus Upholstered Square Twin Bed Frame

This beautiful twin bed frame adds a quintessential elegance to any bedroom – whether it be for a child or a teen. It offers reliable mattress support with wooden slats and a steel frame, is easy to assemble, and it’s also available as a twin bed frame, full, queen, or king.

The headboard is manufactured with dark grey knitted polyester upholstery that has been square stitched, and it’s padded for your comfort. Foam padded tape has also been added to the steel frame to ensure it’s noise free during use, as well as making sure the mattress doesn’t slip.

This twin bed frame is both beautiful and affordable, comes with a 5-year warranty, and is most certainly a good option for a child or teen.

4. Zinus Easy to Assemble 14-Inch Twin Bed Frame

This easy-to-assemble twin bed frame from Zinus will tick all the boxes for comfort and convenience. It offers ample storage space under the bed, removes the need for a spring base bed, and provides perfect support with multiple ground contact points. What’s more, the steel frame will protect your mattress, while being robust and durable to last the distance. If you want to connect a headboard, you can purchase a SmartBase headboard bracket, and customize the bed frame to suit.

This bed frame is suitable for a guest room, a child’s bedroom, or a teen’s bedroom. It’s versatile, affordable and is sure to tick all the boxes.

3. DHP Canopy Metal Twin Bed Frame

For your child who just wants to be treated like a princess, you’re sure to agree on this DHP Twin Bed Frame with canopy being a welcome addition. Available in white, silver, and pink, it will appeal to most children’s tastes, while also offering hints of elegance with its heart scroll design upon a sturdy metal frame

It has round posts, installation options for your own curtains on the canopy, and a premium slat support system. It also differs from most other bed frames on the market, allowing you to design your child’s bedroom to be unique and stunning. Add a curtain, a valance, and your own personal touch. This beautiful bed is going to put a big smile on any little girl’s face.

2. Zinus Contemporary Metal and Wood Twin Bed Frame

When you’re looking for a new guest bedroom bed frame or a bed that can grow with your child, this Zinus twin bed frame might just be the thing you need. It offers slats for strong mattress support, a steel frame with beautiful wood accents to suit any décor, and non-slip tape on the slats to prevent the mattress from moving.

The headboard, footboard, frame, and wood slats are all included in the sale price, along with a 5-year warranty, making this bed frame exceptional value for money. What will draw your eye to this bed the most, however, is how contemporary it is. Unlike many bed frames on the market, it ties in with modern décor well, while being suitable for guests, children, and teens.

1. Pragma Pragmatic Adjustable Twin Bed Frame

While not your average twin bed frame, this Pragma bed caters for those who require a little extra support. It provides simple adjustments of the head and foot sections in a full range of motions, is fitted with a quiet DC motor, is made of durable powder-coated steel, and supports 1,600 pounds of weight, as well.

This twin bed frame is suitable for both children and adults and can be beneficial when it comes to improving circulation, relieving back pain, lowering blood pressure, relieving acid reflux, and providing an uninterrupted and comfortable night’s sleep for post-surgery healing. When it’s not needed, it can also be folded back down to a very compact size.

Separately, you can also buy a Pragma six-inch thick foam mattress that conforms to your body’s shape, to suit this bed frame.


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