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Best Selling New Release Movies

The festive season is here! But for movie lovers, every day is fun as long as you get your hands on the best selling new release movies! Movies are fantastic and the fascinating way of spending your leisure time. What is even more entertaining is the fact that it is very easy to put your hands on a best selling new release movie.

Technology and the internet have made everything smooth especially for those of us obsessed with this kind of entertainment. Anyone else feels the need to be updated on what is new in the film industry?

I would do anything to be among the first to watch a newly released movie. There is no room for boredom in my life, not when I can keep up with my favorite stars. It’s fun, it is merry, and hilarious watching with my friends and family or just alone over a cup of coffee.

Back to the festive season, I know how boring the usual movies can be, I mean, they are enjoyable, but at times you just don’t want to watch the same thing over and over. Why would you do that anyway while there are a lot of movies out there that you can brighten your days with?

We watch movies for a lot of reasons, academic, entertainment of by chance. All in all, they serve the same purpose, telling a story in an entertaining manner. Getting movies is also simple nowadays, no bulky compact discs or a black and white TV, as long as you have your devices, you can watch anywhere!

Top 9 Best Selling New Release Movies

Here are some of the best selling new release movies that will blow your mind off.

9. Kingsman: The Golden Circle


Kingsman: The Golden Circle - new release moviesAction lovers, it’s essential to get a film that captivates you from the beginning to an end. You must have already watched the original Kingsman movie, wasn’t it such a piece of excellent work? Well, if you loved it, you should complete your journey by getting this best selling new release movie. This is the kind that makes you wish there were more like it in the market. If you haven’t watched it yet, join the rest of us in celebrating the great work of this producer.

Released in October 2017, the movie’s plot takes the same captivating angle of highly trained spies going after a villain. The moves are so natural, no exaggeration and the familiar actors and actresses make your mind relaxed. It is important to note that the villain, in this case, is a woman, very promising right? The fils is a delightful one and deserves the title of one of the best selling new release movies of 2017.

  • The movie is 2 hours and 21 minutes, long enough to unveil the whole action to you
  • Experienced and talented cast including Taron Egerton
  • It is available online and easily accessible on any supported device

8. Dunkirk


dunkirkThe cutest thing about watching movies as a hobby is that is that you can choose whatever you want to watch depending on your moods and the type of audience in your company. And then there are those whose tastes have to be something of a particular topic. Military lovers, you are going to love Dunkirk, a thriller full of war-related impact. It’s also one film that takes us to a trip back in time in the era of second world war.

As long as you are a history-military fanatic, this movie is going to live you glued to the screen as it is one of the best selling new release movies of its genre. If you have asked yourself questions or have an unwavering interest in the major historical events of the world, get yourself a copy of Dunkirk and make your leisure time worth it.

  • War and combat-filled plot
  • History-related background
  • Organized and talented cast
  • Available for online streaming

7. Despicable Me 3


Despicable Me3Who said its only kids who have to watch animation! My friends and I have had fun watching this Despicable me series and couldn’t wait for the number 3. Sometimes we all need something to make us smile all the way, movies can be too serious and comedy a bit disappointing. You can never get disappointed with animation; it is always laughing from the beginning to the end while at the same time following a nicely flowing story.

Despicable Me 3 follows the same captivating character interactions and the ever eye-catching Minions like the other series. It is also one of the best movies to watch with the kids, bond with your family over this best selling new release movie in the animation genre. Its comfortable and a thrill that will keep you wanting more. After watching it, I wished it was a continuous series that has some episodes; it leaves you thirsty for more!

  • An adventurous animation comedy
  • Suitable for family and kids
  • Can be streamed from any supportive source

6. The Hitman’s Bodyguard


The Hitman's BodyguardAnother action is here! Are you the type of fanatic who cannot get enough of the guns and men in black? Here is your chance of making your evening a blast, The Hitman,s Bodyguard doesn’t let you blink in peace for the fear that you might miss the real thing. I should mention the presence of Samuel Jackson who has a way of making every piece of his work so memorable. The best selling new release movie that you have to see, not because you are bored but because you simply can’t miss this experience.

It is not a hard movie only full of dead bodies alone; it is a bit humorous hence evidently enchanting. The drama is enjoyable, whether you have a high or low concentration. Something that you can quickly follow irrespective of the distractions around you if there is any. Patrick Hughes, the director of this movie deserves a crown for knowing what to prepare for his audience, watch these and I am sure you will agree with me.

  • Excellent crew
  • An action movie with a comic touch
  • An entertaining story
  • Online streaming and can also be rented

5. American Assassin


American AssassinLet’s take a trip together into the fantasy world as CIA agents, or the assassin or any other combative person you have ever wanted to be through this best selling new release movie of 2017, American Assassin. Its so awesome and inspiring how we get to travel another fantasy planet once we visualize an impressive enactment of a story. There are things we wish for, but can’t be in the real world, and that is why movies are here to make our lives as interesting as possible.

Not just an ordinary movie but one that has been keenly worked on to scoop a place among the best selling new release movies of this year. American Assassin is a one-hour fifty-minute thrill-filled action movie that will rejuvenate you and keep you on edge expecting more as each minute moves by. What you have to know about this film is that it is based on a novel by Vince Flynn. This means that there are no dull and unexplained stunts that don’t make sense. It is a perfection of an original work, improved to fit the film world full of thirsty people like you and me.

  • Based on books by Vince Flynn
  • Excellent story flow
  • Coordinated action and stunts
  • Experienced crew

4. Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets


Valerian and the City of a Thousand PlanetsThe title of this movie alone triggers a million imaginations; this is precisely what a movie should be. The name does advertise it as among the best selling new release movies of 2017. You are guaranteed the same excitement once you start watching the film which has incorporated excellence in its production. The cast is dedicated, and the familiar faces will give you a homely feeling.

Well produced Sci-fi action movies drop in the market with such a thud that it’s hard to miss them out on the list of the best selling new release movies. Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets is the kind of film that displays it’s flying colors whether you are watching it at the cinema or home. I keep feeling like these movies give us an insight of what the coming age of technology will be. Not as a whole package is displayed but something close to that. It boots anyone imagination; such movies can influence your children to be more adoptive of the technology.

  • A science fiction thriller
  • Engaging crew including Cara Delevingne
  • Available online
  • A film with the highest creativity

3. Troll Holiday


Troll HolidayAnother product of great imagination is here! Troll holiday is indeed a nice movie, to sum up, the year with. It has no limit to the time of day that you and your kids want to watch. A very colorful themed movie with its jovial, festive indicator on. It’s the best alternative fire the same old Christmas movies. It’s not too timid for ids only; even adults have a chance of enjoying this currently best selling new release movie.

I realized that my kids loved watching trolls mostly because of the beautiful songs, it is melodious, it doesn’t matter that they don’t get the word right, but I love watching them that happy. Parents, when they like it will love it too, get trolls on your list right now and have fun with your babies!

  • Great names behind the characters
  • Can be streamlined online on NBC
  • Very colorful and cheerful, boots the spirits of the person watching

2. Leap!


LeapWell well, seems 2017 was the year where the most beautiful animations were released for comedy lovers. Adults and children alike, find a reason to stay glued to the TV, not only have animations like leap! added flavor to our collection but also found its way to the best selling new release movies. If you and your little ones discover watching together one of the bonding factors, get this movie immediately and widen that smile on your face.

Leap! Is emotional, centered around an orphan girl, I believe it has a very moving message to all those who will or have watched it. Parents; guidance is always recommended in all movies when kids are watching but this being an adventurous musical has nothing shameful to display.

  • An amazing story
  • Excellent voices behind the characters
  • Suitable for the whole family
  • Streams online
  • Full of interesting songs as it is a musical.

1. Logan Lucky


Logan LuckyAre you a fun of family adventures? Then this is the best selling new release movie that will give you the satisfaction of seeing family struggle and triumphs. This fantastic masterpiece is presented to us in the form of comedy, that makes it an all-time movie. As usual, a comic is meant to leave us smiling if not laughing out loud. And this has the cast chosen explicitly for their roles; a movie is what its crew makes it.

The vibrant characters, led by Seth MacFarlane manage to sweep the audience in the one-hour-plus film. I can’t remember when I last enjoyed a comedy this much; the producer sure deserves a thumbs up for a job well done.

  • Comedy
  • Very cheerful
  • Delivering and talented cast
  • A captivating story

Buyer’s Guide

Just because a film is the latest in the market doesn’t mean that it is going to be interesting. That is why you need to check and sort them out before settling to pay for one. Here rea the obvious but essential factors that will help you get the best selling new release movie that will leave you enlightened and entertained.

Your taste and preference

There are some genres in the films category, to enjoy a movie, it is in your best interest that you take one from your area of interest.


Another way of knowing what movie to settle for is through reference from friends who have watched the video. There are those who are always tuned in waiting for when their favorite director will release a film. In fact, this is the easiest way of knowing which among the best selling new release movie is right for you.


It is amusing how people like to talk and express their views on a particular subject. In this case, people who have watched the movie tend to give their opinions right there under the movie poster. Previews provide the details of the best selling new release movie; you will gather a lot after going through a couple of them.


Watching a movie is a habit that just comes, some make it a hobby while others watch when necessary. It doesn’t matter where you fall, but we all have to agree that movies do play a role in our lives. Sometimes life can be a continuous prose of stress and films can help you relax or travel to your fantasy world.

Getting movies is easy, you can either buy or rent one, but the point is, make sure you enjoy whatever you take home. The best selling new release movies won’t explain that it is right for you, so that is why you need to be considerate when choosing one.

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