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Best Selling New Release Books – 2019

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Do you want to find the best selling new release books in 2018? The following article is your answer.

Books are the earliest form of entertainment and enlightenment ever to exist. Before technology overtook almost all sectors in the human world, books were the most important source of knowledge. Authors were highly celebrated, and literature was a very prestigious course. When technology kept improving, the screens replaced pages, nearly everything we have ever looked for in a book can be easily accessed on the internet.

I agree that technology has its advantages over the physical books but it doesn’t matter how smart it is, books still hold their essential role in the society at large. Libraries continue to exist, and in fact, most are being expanded all over the world. To insist on the importance of books as well as technology, the two things have been combined to give rise to e-books. It is, of course, a brilliant move, like I said, every method used here to present the books to you has its advantages.

Readers can testify that there is no pleasure compared to sitting down and reading your favorite book page to page. We appreciate technology but also understand the benefits that come with learning like any other hobby; this is something that cannot be quickly set aside for a screen alternative. But if need be, in the absence of physical books, a reader can log in online and buy e-books. It is all the same with the only difference being the screen between you.

Top 9 Best Selling New Release Books

The other way you can get a book apart from online, and the physical ones are to buy it in the form of an audio. It is still a smart choice; the content is the same. Whatever way you decide, here are some of the best selling new release books to choose from.

9. Tribe of Mentors: Short Life Advice from the Best in the World

Tribe of Mentors: Short Life Advice from the Best in the World


Every person needs a self-help book at list once in a while; whether your life is perfect if, in shambles, you need a reminder of how to improve your life further. This best selling new release book entitled Tribe of Mentors: Short Life Advice from the Best in the World will help you be open-minded. This is crucial in looking at life in from different dimensions.

They say we never outgrow learning new things, and this best selling new release book is here to remind you that there is a lot you still don’t know about life. Going through the inspiring quotations of the best people to ever exist will mentor you to better your life. Coming from an experienced author, the book covers all aspects of human life from sports advice to entrepreneurship. Get this best selling new release book for a better tomorrow!

  • An inspiring self-help book with a lot of advice
  • From an experienced author who gathered a lot of helpful lines from prominent people
  • Features advice on sports, entrepreneurship, family, etc

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8. Xanathar’s Guide to Everything

Xanathar's Guide to Everything


Knowledge is the most admirable thing to possess and it would never go wrong when you have to acquire it form the best selling new release book. Xanathar’s Guide to Everything has earned itself a spot among the best selling release books of 2017 because of its comprehensive and clear content. A useful book for gamers who would like to upgrade their skills. Games have become a better way of spending a free time, for those who play high-end games that include bets, you are better off finding and reading this best selling new release book.

It is just 192 pages but includes all the essential topics there is about dungeon games. As a player, you have a lot to benefit from this best selling new release book which guides you on how to choose your character, weighing your options and the rules of the games. Your chance to be a winner is here! Get yourself Xanathar’s Guide to Everything.

  • Advice for players
  • How to choose a character
  • Information on the types of games
  • Old and new rules of the game
  • How to make the best options

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7. The People vs. Alex Cross

The People vs. Alex Cross


Series lovers, here is a book for you! The People vs. Alex Cross is one of the currently best selling new release books. A very interesting subject that will keep you flowing and looking for more. But then your thirst will be quenched by the fact that the author keeps releasing these best selling new release books in a series form, this being the 23rd book, let’s be hopeful that there will be more because the Alex Cross story is so amazing.

The author has a way of bringing life to his characters, something so admirable that keeps you engaged. The most admirable thing about this is that you can travel into the fantasy world with the characters. Knowing that your favorite author has a natural talent in storytelling makes you more interested in what comes on the next page. Whether you are going to like Alex Cross or not, but I am sure you are going to be a hundred percent entertaining.

  • A new Alex Cross story of his encounters with the people

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6. Let Trump Be Trump: The Inside Story of His Rise To Presidency

Let Trump Be Trump: The Inside Story of His Rise To Presidency


Being the president of a powerful nation is makes Trump a subject of interest. I know every single person has questions about this powerful man, and that is why you should get a copy of this best selling new release book and enlighten yourself! Entertain yourself with this 296 pages detail book about the journey of His Excellency Donald Trump to the top seat.

Won’t It just be great if every citizen knew something about their president? The authors will take you through the accounts of his journey. The fun and problems faced in campaigns are all here, it’s not all about Trump, all aspects of politics has been openly discussed here. You will get a thing or two from this best selling new release book.

  • Trump as a person
  • The nature of politics
  • The presidential race nature of the U.S
  • Trump’s campaign

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5. Star Wars: The Last Jedi – The Visual Dictionary

Star Wars: The Last Jedi - The Visual Dictionary


If your hobbies involve reading and watching movies, you are aware of these mind-blowing Star Wars series books. It is quite a thrill to read a book and later watch its movie; your favorite characters allow you to travel with them on different missions. The book is as engaging as you would expect it to be, more interesting than watching a movie since most things will be omitted. As the best selling new release book, this is your chance to make your leisure time worth it.

It is just 80 pages but enough to leave you entertained and looking forward to another series. The fantasy of this super planet inhabited by beautiful characters including villains, heroes, droids, and aliens cannot allow you to get bored at any point. No other best selling new release movie will be as engaging as this one with its unique setting, plot, and display of high-end technology.

  • Vibrant characters comprising of aliens, villains, heroes, ships, and droids
  • An awesome planet with spaceships and other complex but attractive technology

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4. Year One: Chronicles of The One. Book 1


Nora Roberts, one of the most experienced authors of the 21st century is here with her legendary work. There is no mystery as to how she can be able to quickly take a spot in the best selling new release books of 2017 as she understands what her audience wants. I am not in any way surprised either that she has yet again managed to drop a grand masterpiece on our heads in the most professional but capturing manner.

New York Times recognizes Nora as the number one best author; you have to get this book to understand what the celebration is all about. The book gives insight to a group of people joined together with a universal quest to fight for their lives. It is full of unfolding surprises in an entertaining way as you keep opening the next page. You are very welcome to live another life through this best selling new release book.

  • An amazing story with an apocalypse introduction and engaging characters displaying an emotional but entertaining story.

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3. Extreme Ownership: How U.S Navy seals Lead and Win

Extreme Ownership: How U.S Navy seals Lead and Win


Whether it is for pure entertainment or you want to join the Navy SEALS, this is the book for you! The cheapest entertainment you can have is to get a copy of this best selling new release book and drift away to the battlefield. It is all about combat, survival, losses, victory but above all, the principles displayed by the two starring actors, leadership.

The military ll always an exciting and captivating story especially when the two authors, in this case, understand just how to import their role is in making sure the little details are captured. The 352-pages will give your company some evenings depending on your reading pace but all in all, you are going to boost your mind with the story.

  • Militarily themed plot
  • Influential characters
  • Iraqi and its participation in war
  • The importance of good leadership
  • Longterm and short-term consequences of war

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2. The World Almanac: Book of Facts 2018

The World Almanac: Book of Facts 2018


The difference between watching a book and reading a book is that when you are reading, you depend on your thinking to get the outcome of what your eyes can see. This sure is so helpful to your mind, and that is why you have to end up with the best selling new release book. One such a book is The World Almanac and Book of Facts 2018 by Sarah Janssen. It is so [productive to have a thrill while at the same time learning some useful and life-improving things.

This best selling new release book is a compilation of knowledge that the society has embraced for general reference. This fantastic book happens to be the 150th edition that is produced specially to provide answers in all fields from sports to religion. The book is one of its kind, something that will never run out of time given the fact that it is even considerate of the future.

  • Covers the current worldwide status
  • Looks into historical events like Obama’s presidency, social and cultural changes
  • Considers the most trending stories of the year
  • Marks the 150th anniversary of World Almanac

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1. The Complete Cooking of Two Cookbook, Gift Edition: 650 Recipes for Everything You’ll Ever Want to Make

The Complete Cooking of Two Cookbook, Gift Edition: 650 Recipes for Everything You'll Ever Want to Make


Whether you are a chef or not, this is one book that you will always need in your house. It’s not about being the best; you don’t have to avoid cooking just because of you cant. This book will help you improve or restore your faith in your cooking skills. Set with precise instructions, you are going to find it easy to follow the step by step cooking procedures which will leave you and your loved one so full.

A cookbook is one of the assets that will never run out of date, who don’t love expert directed food! It is not a surprise that you might turn from a terrible to a perfect cook with simple persistence. 650 recipes qualify to put this book at the best selling new release book of the year; these are a lot! Let’s just say that it covers everything, you never know, you might turn out to take cooking as your primary or part-time career. There is no doubt that this book takes the first position as the best selling new release book.

  • Over 650 recipes
  • Experiences of over 60 chiefs from all over the world.
  • The relevant kitchenware are all indicated here
  • Facts and types of ingredients needed for every meal

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Buyer’s Guide

A book is obviously a long-term investment, it doesn’t cost much, but it is one of the most productive things to own. It is however mandatory to understand that it is foolish to judge a book by its cover. Sometimes it works, for those books that are straight to the point like cookbooks but sometimes it doesn’t. It doesn’t matter how attractive to the eye a book is, you are not supposed to snatch it blindly. Go through it first and see whether the title goes hand in hand with the contents.

Some people visit the library or store with what they want in mind, but others go there to take the best selling new release book they can get. So how exactly will you be able to recognize the book that you want? Here are the necessary factors to guide you through

Have a reading list- once you know which book you want, you can go directly to it without wasting time at the store. A reading list will include all the details of the best new release books that you want to read. This is apparently after some research mostly from the author’s websites. That is if you have your favorite author and you follow their news.

Ask around- if you are in a books club or have a friend who loves reading, they will have an idea of the best selling new release book of your interest.

Check out the reviews- this is the best way of checking out whether the best selling new release book is indeed your type of book.

Specify your genre- you will enjoy a book better if you took one from your area of interest. If the cover is not transparent, you can always check and read the abstract; it is always detailed.


You will always be proud to look at your collection of books, whether they are still the best selling new release books or trended years ago. A book is something that never expires; as a source of information, it is a treasure that can be revisited for as many years as you want. Picking a worthwhile book among the best selling new release books is the most critical part of it all. Nobody wants to read a book halfway and ditch it for being so dull, it is therefore up to you to be sure that that particular bets seller is what you want.

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