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Top 9 Best LED String Lights for Decoration Reviews – August 2019

If you’re aware of fairy lights, then you’ll be well aware of LED string lights and the joy they bring. Rather than rely on inbuilt lighting to illuminate a space, you can purchase light-emitting diode (LED) string lights and benefit from ambient, stunning lighting that turns any previously dull area into one of magic and wonder.

Some people buy them for their outdoor entertainment areas to offer a sense of ambiance, while other people use them in their bedrooms and living rooms merely as a point of difference. However, the most common use for LED string lights is for parties and events such as weddings. You can drape them over tables, use them as centerpieces, decorate the walls, or put them anywhere you see fit.

However, even more beneficial than their versatility is their beauty. You can choose from a range of colors and styles, making them even more of a firm favorite with those looking to transform a space. If you have a set theme, you can find a set to tie in with it. Or, if you’re merely looking for a form of ambient lighting, you can opt for plain LED string lights as well. The options are endless, as you will see below.

9. Weico LED String Lights 300 LEDs for Bedroom, Patio, Garden, Party and Wedding

Mood lighting can lift any atmosphere, so why not invest in warm white LED string lights that are suitable for any occasion? Whether you’re looking for something extra special for your wedding or party, or you want a form of lighting in your outdoor area, you will find these lights more than fit the bill.

Unlike other LED string lights on the market, these are designed for all occasions. You benefit from 99 feet of lighting, equating to 300 LEDs, and a waterproof feature which makes them suitable for outdoor use. Therefore, if you want to decorate your outdoor entertainment area, it’s entirely possible in any season.

The most convenient thing about these lights, however, is their ease of control. Not only do you get a remote with them, but you can change the brightness level to one level of ten, or choose a different lighting type such as strobing, flashing, or smooth.

These LED lights provide the owner with 20,000 hours of use, run on AC or DC power, and they’re flexible and bendy as well. You will also enjoy the low heat emission and low wattage to make for a more cost-effective decoration for any occasion.

8. MineTom Crystal Ball Globe String Lights 100 LEDs

Rather than opt for small LED string lights that don’t stand out, why not go for something a little more extravagant and stylish? These globe lights from MineTom might be the very thing to lift your party or event. When you buy these lights, you benefit from 33 feet of robust globe lights that are waterproof for outdoor entertaining, while being safe and reliable to use as well.

They’re made of translucent plastic to be far more robust and use low voltage to save your power bill. Therefore, they’re not only suitable for parties and weddings, but for all year round use as well. Attach them to your patio, your deck, an outdoor tent or even for additional ambient lighting in your bedroom. The sky’s the limit for how convenient these LED string bulbs will be.

On this one string, there are 100 LED globes, which are spaced evenly throughout the 33 feet. Therefore, there is ample lighting for any event. Use main lighting or go without, the choice is yours.

When you’re looking to buck the trend and opt for larger LED string lights as opposed to small ones, these are an excellent option.

7. BRTLX Commercial Grade Outdoor Weatherproof LED String Lights

For special events that need something extra extravagant, these LED string bulbs from BRTLX are well worth your inspection. While residential LED lights are okay for most occasions, these are commercial-grade which means they are built to last the distance.

When you purchase them, you receive 48 feet worth of LED outdoor lighting on 18-gauge wire. This equates to a significant number of LED bulbs that come with a one-year warranty, all featuring 30,000-hour lifespans. Therefore, they are more than suitable for outdoor lighting, patio areas, gardens, weddings, and parties.

They are waterproof, can handle both hot and cold temperatures, and offer a very bistro-like feeling. As a result, they tie into many different themed environments with ease. For additional convenience, you will enjoy the connectable feature. You can connect several different strands to create one long set of LED string lights.

You don’t even need a professional to set them up. Use zip ties or cup hooks and loop them through the inbuilt loops to your desired location. Within minutes they’ll be in place and will look perfect. If your special occasion is looming ever-nearer, it’s time to add them to your shopping cart and get buying.

6. 12APM 200 LEDs Waterproof Starry String Lights

Versatility is essential with LED string lights, as what’s the point in buying lights you’ll only use for one occasion? Therefore, when you purchase these waterproof string lights from 12APM, you can use them for parties, weddings, and even for decoration in your bedroom. They are multi-purpose to ensure you get to use them more than once.

They are made of robust, waterproof and flexible copper wire you can bend and shape in any way you wish. When you buy them, you get 66 feet of LED string lights, a five-foot power cord, and even a USB port adapter you can use with the lights as well. As a result, you can use them far away from your house by merely attaching a power bank. You are sure to appreciate how convenient these LED string lights are.

What will also appeal is the quality. While many LED string lights on the market have two strands of copper, these have three. Therefore, you can rest assured they are robust and built to last the distance. They even come with a three-year warranty for your peace of mind. For a wedding, party, or decoration for your home, you will find these lights more than fit the bill.

5. Lighting EVER Copper Wire 20 LED String Lights

If you require subtle yet elegant lighting for a special occasion such as a wedding, then you’re sure to find these LED string lights from Lighting EVER are worth considering. Unobtrusive, flexible, high-quality and waterproof, they are everything you could ever need in string lights and more.

When you buy them, you get a little over three feet of lighting, equating to 20 LED lights. You can use these to bend, wrap, and style how you wish. From decorating plants, furniture, and posts, through to table centerpieces and signs, you will be more than satisfied with their versatility.

With any lighting, safety is essential, so you’ll be impressed with the safety components of these lights. They use minimal power, are heat-insulated and will not overheat after use. What’s more, they run on batteries which make them portable and entirely convenient.

These string lights are designed to offer warm lighting for every occasion, so if in you’re in the market for something to boost the ambient feel of any room, these are the ones that could meet the mark.

4. Brightown LED Clear Bulb Globe String Lights

It can be challenging to create a bistro-like theme in your home or event without LED string lights. These, in particular, are up to the challenge by offering 25 feet of bistro-style lighting that create unique ambiance traditional lighting can’t achieve.

When you buy these lights, you benefit from so many features. You can connect up to 20 strands together to achieve 500 feet of lighting, and the low wattage of each means your power bill won’t be high either. Each bulb is a mere 0.4 watts.

There are 12 inches of space between each bulb, and they are commercial quality to ensure they last the distance. Whether you’re hosting a party, want to add some life to your patio area, or you’re hosting a wedding, you are sure to find these globe LED string lights meet the mark entirely. What’s more, they’re available at a competitive price, all the while exceeding all your expectations. For additional peace of mind, make the purchase and benefit from a one-year warranty.

3. KAKANA Spring Flower Wire LED String Lights

If you’re hosting a tropical-style event such as a wedding or a party, or you want to liven your patio area, you will find these LED string lights will tick all the boxes for your needs. Rather than opt for sometimes-drab plain LED lights, you can purchase these tropical-inspired flower lights that are both beautiful in style and versatile.

Each light is individually hand-painted, and you will be impressed with the intricate details of every one. While they are waterproof, the box isn’t, but you are sure to find the ease of installation and removal makes that not a problem when you need to remove them in a hurry.

These unique flower string lights are powered by AA batteries which are sold separately. And you receive 10 feet of lighting to suit most occasions with ease. What’s more, they use minimal power which means the battery life will far exceed your expectations.

For a wedding, party, or a unique touch to your home or outdoor area, you will be more than impressed with everything these LED lights have to offer.

2. Adecorty Pineapple Solar String Lights

While all LED string lights look beautiful in your home, at your party, or in your outdoor space, these will impress more than most. With traditional string lights, you need to worry about remaining near a power source, having enough charge in a power bank, or having plenty of batteries on-hand. With this set of pineapple-themed lights, the source of power is not a problem.

These lights buck the trend by being solar-powered. Therefore, as long as you give the solar panel plenty of sunlight during the day, you can then enjoy six to seven hours of premium lighting at night. These lights add a significant amount of convenience to any event.

If you have a tropical-themed party, you will also enjoy how well they tie in. The pineapples are vibrant and stunning, and you can install them anywhere you see fit. When lit, they then let off a warm white light that adds stunning ambiance to any home or party.

With the remote, you also benefit from a range of features. You can turn them on or off, have them power off or on automatically, or put them on flashing or steady mode. These options come in handy depending on the type of event you are hosting.

When you buy them, you receive 20 LED pineapples, a ground stake, and a pole, ensuring installation is a breeze. Affordable, high-quality, and set to transform any space, you will be impressed with everything on offer from these LED string lights.

1. Solar Globe String Lights for Christmas Tree Garden, Home, Lawn and Wedding Party

If you love the festivity and beauty of Christmas, then you’re going to like everything these globe LED string lights have to offer. Not only do they add a touch of ambiance and festive cheer to your home, but you don’t have to worry about batteries, running power cords everywhere, or that ever-increasing power bill many people dread. Instead, place the solar panel in sunny or cloudy weather then benefit from up to eight hours of illumination at night. What more could you need?

They are waterproof, eco-friendly, reusable, and are made of robust plastic to last the distance as well. What’s more, they work at a low wattage which makes them safe for families and children. You can use them to decorate your home, your Christmas tree, or even an outdoor event or patio area.

Even if it’s raining, you’re sure to find these LED string lights will exceed your expectations. They also have a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours. Given the competitive price tag, you’ll be hard-pressed to find many LED string lights to offer this same convenience. Therefore, no matter the occasion, there’s every reason to add them to your shopping basket today.


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