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Top 9 Best Expandable Garden Hoses for Watering – July 2019

Any avid gardener or green-thumbed family member will tell you that the key to having a convenient garden environment is by owning an expandable garden hose. An expandable garden hose creates no end of convenience to the user.

Rather than have to fill up a watering can and painstakingly water each part of your garden, you can purchase a hose that has far more stretch and ‘give’ than a typical garden hose. Most hoses on the market are made of plastic/rubber combinations with no stretch.

If you try to pull them, a lot of the time they become disconnected from the hose fitting. An expandable garden hose, however, lets you pull it for a better reach. You can reach those garden beds you can’t with a standard hose and stretch and pull the hose for getting around corners.

There are many different expandable hoses from which to choose, including those that hang on reels or are even made of robust material so as not to kink, bend, or break. If you’re tired of a cheap garden hose that is no longer fit for purpose, consider any of these options below.

9. GrowGreen 50Feet Garden Hose with All Brass Connectors, 8 Pattern Spray and High Pressure

GrowGreen 50Feet Garden Hose with All Brass Connectors, 8 Pattern Spray and High Pressure

If you’re looking for an expandable garden hose that solves all the problems you’ve been having with your standard hose, then this one is a good option for you. At 17 feet long, it takes up no space at all, but as water flows through it, it can expand to 50 feet. As a result, most homeowners can walk around their entire garden and water it to their heart’s content.

Another problem most people have with a standard hose is how easily they tangle up, twist, and kink. An expandable garden hose doesn’t do any of those things. It’s designed to handle going around corners of your property without kinking and won’t twist or tangle up either. Instead, this expandable garden hose works seamlessly all thanks to its quality design, spray nozzle, brass connectors and eight adjustable patterns.

What users will also appreciate is how high-quality this expandable garden hose is. It’s resistant to high-pressure water, can operate safely with water pressure up to 145PSI, and is made of durable latex. As a result, it’s built to last the distance. If you’re in the market for a new garden hose that ticks all the boxes, there’s every reason to look at this one.

8. GenLed 75.5 Feet Expandable Garden Hose with Triple Layer Latex Core and Strength Fabric Protection

GenLed 75.5 Feet Expandable Garden Hose with Triple Layer Latex Core and Strength Fabric Protection

Most garden hoses on the market are not only bulky and cumbersome but offer none of the benefits that an expandable garden hose does. You will often find that a standard garden hose will kink as soon as you move it around a corner as well as being hard to store due to its length. This expandable garden hose solves all of those problems and more.

It will remain at a compact, easily manageable size while you store it, but when it’s filled with water, will expand to its full 75-foot length. As a result, you’re able to make your way around your garden with ease. What’s more, it’s designed for US water pressure so you can rest assured it can last the distance.

Unlike a typical garden hose, it won’t twist, tangle or get kinks in it, and it’s also exceptionally lightweight while expanding up to three-times its original length. There’s most certainly a lot to love about this expandable garden hose. However, the benefits don’t end there. It has an inner rubber washer to prevent leaks, has a natural latex core, and features a robust outer weave to ensure it can handle all kinds of conditions. Even at -5 degrees Celsius it won’t crack, corrode, or leak.

Whether you have a small or large yard, you will find this expandable garden hose more than delivers on value.

7. TheFitLife 100 Feet Expandable Garden Hose

TheFitLife 100 Feet Expandable Garden Hose

If you’re an avid gardener with an old-style hose, there’s every reason to upgrade to this expandable garden hose from TheFitLife. Designed to handle all manner of yard work, it’s going to make a great accompaniment to your garden shed.

It doesn’t twist, tangle, or kink, weighs just 3.6 pounds for easy yard navigation, and it’s also lightweight and easy to collapse down to a compact size as well. What’s more, when water starts to flow through it, it expands to twice its length to enable you to water areas of your yard you never thought were possible.

This expandable garden hose also has a brass valve to allow for better water flow control, as well as featuring a robust triple-layer latex inner with a polyester outer. With brass fittings and high-quality design, it’s most certainly a hose that’s built to last the distance.

It comes with a spray nozzle with eight different patterns, as well as a risk-free guarantee. Once you own this expandable garden hose, you’ll never go back to owning a traditional-style one.

6. KooPower 50 Feet Expandable Garden Hose with 9 Pattern Spray Nozzle

KooPower 50 Feet Expandable Garden Hose with 9 Pattern Spray Nozzle

If you don’t have an expandable garden hose, you may find yourself faced with all manner of inconveniences. This hose is a game changer, making your life as an avid gardener all the more convenient. Rather than deal with a heavy, cumbersome 50-foot hose that you may find hard to store, this one is just 16 feet. However, once you turn the water on, it then expands to 50 feet for ultimate convenience, even with pressures of between three and 12 bar.

Most plastic and rubber hoses on the market will crack, tear, or leak over time, but this one won’t. It’s made from frost-proof and weather-resistant material that’s both kink-free and environmentally friendly as well. Therefore, you can water your garden knowing you’ve made a sound investment.

Water flows freely at all times, you can reach more places than ever before, and storage is also a breeze. You will find this hassle-free expandable garden hose will more than satisfy your requirements – be it filling up the swimming pool, watering the garden, or washing the car.

5. Forever Steel Hose 25 Feet Stainless Steel Lightweight Garden Hose

Forever Steel Hose 25 Feet Stainless Steel Lightweight Garden Hose

If you have a particularly thorny garden, a destructive pet, or you’re continually replacing your hose because it leaks or cracks, then you need this expandable garden hose from Forever Steel Hose. Rather than feature a rubber exterior that, over time, becomes prone to cracks, splits, and leaks, this one features a robust yet flexible stainless-steel housing that will stand the test of time.

It’s 25 feet in length, is deceivingly lightweight, and is stronger and more durable than most other garden hoses on the market. What’s more, it solves a common problem that many homeowners face with their garden hose. You will benefit from no more kinks, bends, splits, or breaks. Those days are over.

This expandable garden hose is designed not only to be a convenient means to water your garden, but it’s also designed to handle almost anything you throw at it. It’s puncture and weather-proof, it won’t tear or leak, nor will a thorn from a rose or a dog’s jaw compromise this hose’s integrity.

Even though it’s robust to last the distance, it’s also compact and lightweight for both easy use and convenient storage. This expandable garden hose will become a firm favorite in your household in no time.

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4. Tiabo 25 Feet Super Flexible Stainless Steel Metal Garden Hose

Tiabo 25 Feet Super Flexible Stainless Steel Metal Garden Hose

With a 25-foot length and robust stainless-steel exterior, this expandable garden hose is the crème de la crème of all garden hoses. Rather than put up with substandard rubber hoses that you have to replace year after year, why not purchase this robust stainless steel one that will provide years of faithful service?

Designed to handle the toughest of outdoor conditions, it’s made of 304-grade stainless steel that’s both flexible and lightweight. Its compact design will see it’s easy to store in most garden sheds, while the flexibility makes it easy to navigate around garden beds. Even when the sun is shining intensely, you will also find the stainless-steel shell remains cool to the touch. This expandable garden hose most certainly ticks all the boxes.

However, there’s more on offer than meets the eye. When you use it, you will notice just how well it handles harsh conditions. It’s suitable for use in all weather, won’t be ruined by dog teeth or rose thorns, and also won’t tear, kink, or tangle either. What’s more, it comes with a nozzle that offers seven different spray patterns. Whether you’re filling a swimming pool, watering a garden bed or washing the car, you will find this hose will satisfy all requirements.

3. Atlantic Premium Hybrid 75 Feet Garden Hose

Atlantic Premium Hybrid 75 Feet Garden Hose

Even though this isn’t an expandable garden hose, it is a high-quality hose that’s so robust that it’s suitable for both contractors and homeowners. No matter the task, this garden hose can handle it.

You can use it in temperatures below -5 degrees-Fahrenheit, it’s resistant to both kinks and abrasions, and it’s lightweight as well. Therefore, whether you’re unraveling it or rolling it back up, you’ll find it won’t fight against you as you often find is the case with a typical heavy rubber hose.

It has a working pressure of 120PSI, a burst pressure of 351 PSI, and will continue to operate as you need it to in the garden – or whether you’re washing the car or filling the swimming pool. It offers flexibility in all weathers and all situations – a refreshing change from typical garden hoses on the market.

What will also appeal is its material. Rather than be made of heavy, cumbersome rubber and plastic combinations, it’s manufactured using a polymer substance which stops it from kinking when exposed to high water pressure. It’s undoubtedly a hose that can outdo an expandable garden hose.

2. Durakat Products Lightweight 50 Feet Expandable Garden Hose with 8 Position Spray Nozzle

Durakat Products Lightweight 50 Feet Expandable Garden Hose with 8 Position Spray Nozzle

Whether you’re watering your garden or lawns, washing the car, or filling the swimming pool, you will find that this expandable garden hose from Durakat Products is more than up to the task. In fact, it’s clear to see it’s far better than several other standard garden hoses on the market.

It’s lightweight, durable, yet is robust and rugged at the same time. At first, you will be easily deceived by its short length. At just 15 feet, it’s easy to believe it won’t cater to your watering requirements. However, once you attach the nozzle with eight different sprayer positions and the brass fitting, you will find that it expands to 50 feet with ease. While the water is on, it won’t kink or bend either, which gives you peace of mind that you can get the job done far quicker.

This expandable garden hose comes in a storage bag, is an entirely portable hose if you need to move it to a different faucet and changing the spray pattern is a breeze as well. As a result, if you want to go from filling a watering can to spraying a garden bed, a quick change of pressure will make the job far more manageable.

What’s more, this expandable garden hose is designed for the elderly. It’s so lightweight that almost anyone can move it around with ease. It’s clear to see this garden hose is a winner in many different households.

1. Minus-One 50Ft Garden Hose Set with Nickel Plating Solid Brass Connector

Minus-One 50Ft Garden Hose Set with Nickel Plating Solid Brass Connector

If you desire an expandable garden hose that not only delivers quality but value as well, then it might be time to purchase this one from Minus-One. Designed to be lightweight, durable and convenient for all, it’s an excellent addition to anyone’s garden shed.

Even though it appears short at first, this garden hose is deceivingly convenient. Once you turn the water on, it expands to 50 feet. The outer shell is made of woven fabric that’s robust and kink-free, while the inside is several layers of tubing that won’t leak. What’s more, it comes with a brass connector which won’t rust, corrode, or break.

When it comes to portability and convenience, this expandable garden hose has you covered. It’s lightweight and dependable, is easy to move from one area to the next, and you can stretch it and bend it to get it where you need it to go. It comes with a storage bag, a wall mount, rubber washers, a shut-off valve, a brass fitting and a 12-month warranty. There is so much bang for your buck when you choose to purchase this Minus-One garden hose.


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