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29 Important Dog Accessories You Should Have for Your Beloved Dogs in 2020

People see a cute and cuddly dog and think it would be fun to own. It can follow you everywhere, love you unconditionally, and you can teach it fun tricks. While all that is true, dogs require more than a companion.

At a minimum, dogs need food, water, a place to sleep, exercise, grooming, healthcare, and a loving environment. Every dog has its own personality as well, which means it may also require training, a safe environment to call its own, and items to make every day special.

If you think you’re ready for dog ownership, then have you thought about its everyday needs and accessories that can make a world of difference? Read on to discover 29 important dog accessories that your pooch may not be able to live without!

1. Dog Leash

What is a Dog Leash?

A dog leash is a strip of robust material, such as rope, with a clip on one end and a handle on the other. The clip attaches to your dog’s collar, halter, or harness, and you hold the other end in your hand. Some dog leashes also go over the head of the dog, or around it, for a better walking experience where the owner has full control.

There is a vast variety of dog leashes on the market, with some designed for small or large dogs. There are even types that have dog waste bag dispensers in the handle, or retractable ropes for you to control the length. Dogs need leashes when you’re walking them in a public setting.

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Why Do You Need a Dog Leash?

Full Control

Your dog might be obedient and have excellent recall, but what if they see something they like (or don’t like) out on the street? A dog leash can give the owner full control over the dog, ensuring that they don’t chase after the neighborhood cats or the mailman.

A dog leash also offers peace of mind in a new environment. If you are taking your dog to a new dog park, they can get to know their surroundings and other animals with you being able to hold them close until they get used to it.


Every dog owner would like to think they could trust their dog in every situation, but that’s not always the case. Take a trip to the vet, for example. There are animals everywhere, and your dog may not be in the best headspace if they are in pain. If you clip a leash onto their collar or harness, you can keep both other animals and your own one safe. 


Most people call their dog their best friend and never want to be without them. That’s why they take them to different events where possible. Many facilities allow pets, but only on a leash. A dog leash, therefore, becomes a form of security. You can bring them to places with you, knowing they aren’t going to run away and escape.

2. Dog Toys

What is a Dog Toy?

A dog toy is a fun item that young and old dogs love to play with. They keep them entertained and out of trouble, and can also be incentives during training. The dog toy market is massive, with many different options to suit various dogs.

Tough chewers get to enjoy robust industrial rubber bones and balls, while little dogs can chase tiny balls and carry small bones in their mouth. 

Many manufacturers cater to dog breeds and personalities, heightening the chances of you finding the perfect dog toy for your four-legged friend.

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Why Do You Need Dog Toys?

Fight Boredom

Just like people, dogs get bored. When they get bored, they get destructive. You can give your dog(s) toys to play with, and they will have the time of their lives. They can throw them in the air, chase them, chew them, and have all kinds of fun. Some dogs also like to play with toys with other dogs, or in a game of fetch with their owners. 

Training Incentive

Food is a common tool used in dog training, but not all dogs are food-oriented. That can be a problem! Dog toys solve the problem because if a dog isn’t tempted by food, they surely are by a brand new toy. You can reward them with toys every time they do something you ask. 

Creature Comforts

Some dogs suffer from anxiety, especially if you are taking them somewhere new, or are leaving them at a boarding facility. A toy from home can be what they need to lessen that anxiety. It has your smell and it reminds them of home. It also gives them something to focus on when you’re not around. 

3. Dog Bed

What is a Dog Bed?

A dog needs somewhere to sleep – it’s a fundamental right. Fortunately, the market is full of different options to appeal to all. You can choose from various sizes, colors, and shapes. Some are also suitable for use in plastic shell beds or outside.

If your dog likes to chew everything in sight, then you can even buy some with thicker materials and robust stitching to increase its chances of lasting longer. All dogs need a bed to sleep on, so if you haven’t yet purchased one, now’s the time.

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Why Do You Need a Dog Bed?


Dogs need somewhere comfortable to sleep – both during the day and at night. While the floor is okay while they’re young, it can get uncomfortable as they age. What’s more, a proper dog bed promotes an area of warmth – something that’s paramount during the winter months. 


If your dog does something wrong, you need to send them somewhere. If they have a dog bed, that can be the place to go. “Fido, get in your bed!” They will immediately know it’s theirs and they have to go to it. 


Dogs start to feel aches and pains as they age, including arthritis. It’s in their best health interests for them to have a bed – rather than a cold, hard floor. Winter can be particularly hard on pets, so the addition of memory foam or heating in a dog bed can be a welcome addition as well. 

4. Dog Blanket

What is a Dog Blanket?

A dog blanket is a cuddly piece of material that you give to your dog. They can either sleep on it by itself or have it in a comfortable bed as an added layer of comfort and warmth. They are available in many shapes, sizes, and colors, and can also be themed – such as with dog bone patterns. The best dog blanket is one that’s easy to clean in the washing machine.

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Why Do You Need a Dog Blanket?


If you want your dog to feel comfortable – especially if they are anxious – then give them a dog blanket. It can make them feel comfortable while also taking away the discomfort of a hard surface. 


Does your pooch get a little anxious? A dog blanket can help. When it has their own smell mixed with yours, it can calm their nerves and make them feel comfortable. It can also be helpful if you’re putting them into a boarding facility. 


Winter can take its toll on humans, so how do you think dogs feel? A dog blanket takes away the winter chill and makes them feel as snug as a bug in a rug!

5. Dog Waste Bags

What are Dog Waste Bags?

Dog waste bags are small, often plastic bags that you use to pick up your dog’s waste. They often come in rolls of various colors and fit in a dispenser or your back pocket. Dog waste bags come in handy when you’re out on a walk and your dog does their business where they shouldn’t. You can tear a bag off the roll, Put your hand in it act as a protective layer, then pick up the waste. You then flip the bag inside out to secure it inside.

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Why Do You Need Dog Waste Bags?

Yard Care

A backyard filled with feces is no fun for anyone, which is why dog waste bags are paramount. Set a day or time every week to venture into your yard and clean up dog waste. You can shovel all the waste into one area then use the bags to clean it up. Most options on the market tie at the top for easy distribution into a trash bin. 

Public Image

There’s nothing worse than going for a walk, only for your dog to need to use the toilet! You can’t leave their waste sitting on the pavement! Dog waste bags make clean-up a breeze and are hygienic. No passers-by have to step in it and mess up their shoes. 


Some dogs, for different reasons, eat their own waste. Some vets and experts believe they are searching for nutrients they are missing, but some dogs have a bad habit for no reason! If you carry around dog waste bags, you greatly reduce the risk of your dog doing this. You can clean up the waste as soon as it happens.

6. Dog Training Collar

What is a Dog Training Collar?

A dog training collar is a battery-operated strip of material that secures around your dog’s neck as a traditional collar would. It has a big battery pack on the front and a wireless remote. There are many options on the market to suit different dogs, including some for small or big dogs, and with or without waterproofing.

Some dog training collars also have shock functions, although these are often frowned upon. Others, however, have citronella spray to help with training, as well as noises to become a trigger in your dog’s mind. 

Why Do You Need a Dog Training Collar?


Not all dogs are tempted by treats or toys, but you still need to train them somehow! If you put a training collar on your dog, you can make sounds with your remote so your dog associates sound with actions. 


A boisterous dog can be hard to control, but a dog training collar can help. Some models release a calming spray that promotes a sense of peace, while others spray citronella which can stop bad behavior in their tracks. 

Work Training

If you have a dog for a specific purpose – such as farming or hunting, then a dog training collar can be paramount. The commands you teach them go far beyond sit, stay, and come. You can train them with far more efficacy in many cases with a dog training collar than without one.  

7. Dog Crate

What is a Dog Crate?

A dog crate is a cage that can become an inside kennel. It’s a place you can either use as “time out” for your dog, or somewhere they can go to sleep or when they’re feeling scared. They come in all different sizes and either has a plastic base or metal one. Some fold down flat, while others come as four or five pieces you need to assemble.

Why Do You Need a Dog Crate?


Some people buy a crate so they can train their dog in the art of crate training. Your dog can learn that it’s their safe place, where they sleep, and where they can have time to themselves. 


If you’re on the road a lot, it can be heartbreaking to leave man’s best friend behind. A crate can ensure you don’t have to. You can put it and the dog in your car and take it to your destination. Many accommodation providers also allow dogs to stay as long as they have a crate. 


If you love to show your dog at shows and competitions, then a crate is paramount. They are easy to see through it and it becomes their bed while they are on the road with you. Show dogs get used to crates from a young age, so the sooner you can get one for this purpose, the better. 

8. Dog Bowl

What is a Dog Bowl?

A dog bowl is a dish for food, water, or both. They come in a range of materials, including plastic, ceramic, stainless steel, and concrete. They’re also available in many different sizes and shapes, depending on your dog’s breed and your style preference.

Dog bowls are a necessity for any dog, giving them a vessel from which to eat their dinner and drink fresh water daily.

Why Do You Need a Dog Bowl?


Dogs love to drink out of puddles, but you never know what is in them. If you want to curb your dog’s desire to do this, then make sure you have a dog bowl with fresh water in it. They can access it whenever they’re thirsty. 


Some owners scatter their dog’s food on the ground for them to eat, but they can make a mess with slobber and crumbs! If you buy a dog bowl, you get rid of this problem – and your dog’s hunger. 


If you buy dog bowls for your pets, you put them in one area of your home. Your dog knows they are there all the time, and even what time food goes into them. You put them in a crucial routine that promotes obedience. 

9. Dog Nail Grinder

What is a Dog Nail Grinder?

A dog nail grinder is a pen-like tool that’s helpful for owners of nervous pets who don’t like clippers. It’s even better for nervous owners! You hold it in your hand like a pen, push the on button, and let the sandpaper on a rotating cylinder file down your dog’s nail. It can be a far more forgiving method than clippers if you’re not an expert.

Why Do You Need a Dog Nail Grinder?

Scared Dogs

Not every dog has had a great experience with nail clippers. On the other side of the coin, not every owner feels confident with the unforgiving clipper method. In that case, dog nail grinders come in handy. They work slowly to file down the nail until you reach the quick.


Dog clippers can be unforgiving in the wrong hands, leading to an accidental clip of the dog’s quick which can bleed – a lot! If you’re inexperienced, a dog nail grinder works slowly and gives you an opportunity to make sure your dog is comfortable as well. 


The finish of a dog nail grinder can be far more attractive than with clippers. For some owners, that matters a lot. You can spend the time to shape the nail, remove sharp points, and ensure it’s going to be comfortable for your dog.

10. Dog Nail Clipper

What are Dog Nail Clippers?

Dog nail clippers are like a dog’s version of human nail clippers. They come in all different shapes, sizes, and styles. The more common type looks like a pair of secateurs and has a safety latch at the back to stop you going too far into the nail.

You hold your dog’s nail, set the clippers in place before the nail quick, then push down so the blade makes contact with the nail to clip it off.

Why Do You Need Dog Nail Clippers?


If you don’t cut your dog’s nails, they can become long and uncomfortable for them to walk on. Clippers take care of the problem quickly and easily. 


Nails that are too long can catch on items and cause serious damage. They can also be damaging for humans with dogs that jump up on them. 


If your dog doesn’t like to sit still for too long, then clippers are a quick and effective nail removal tool. You can hold their paw then quickly remove the nail with minimal fuss. 

11. Dog Water Bottle

What is a Dog Water Bottle?

Many dog owners get tired of always having to fill up their dog’s water bowl, or having their pets tip them over. Dog water bottles solve this problem. They are large tank-like bottles that sit above a bowl – connected – and filter water down into the bowl. They also hold more than the bowl, so you don’t have to top them up as much. 

Why Do You Need a Dog Water Bottle?

Travel Convenience

When you’re on the road with your furry friend, it’s not all that convenient to pull over, fish out a bowl, then fill it with water. A dog water bottle is normally an all-inclusive unit that’s ideal for travel. It seals and allows you to quickly set it out then pack it up again. 

Home Convenience

It can feel like you spend your entire life filling your dog’s water bowl, so a dog water bottle is a lifesaver. You can choose the bottle size to suit your needs, then enjoy going at least one or two days without having to top it up. 


Dogs can make big, slobbery messes – contaminating their water source. If you have a dog water bottle, they only get to make a mess of what’s in the bowl at any one time. The rest of the water is safe in the bottle. 

12. Dog Food Mat

What is a Dog Food Mat?

A dog food mat is a special, easy-care mat that you set underneath your dog’s food and water bowls. Dogs can be messy eaters, but with a mat, it’s not a problem. You can take the bowls off, clean the mat, then put it back down again. Your floors are saved with such a product. 

Why Do You Need a Dog Food Mat? 

Floor Protection

Pet food and water can stain, mark, and damage flooring before long. A dog food mat, which you place under their bowls, stops this from happening. You then get to enjoy peace of mind that once you lift the mat, the floor looks as good as new. 

Quick Clean-Up

Cleaning a dog floor mat is easy. You remove the bowls, lift the mat, wipe it off, then set it back down again. It’s as good as new! 


Many pet owners try to place their dog’s food where it’s not going to make a mess. Not everyone has lino or tiles in appropriate places. A food floor mat means you can put your dog bowls anywhere because it protects the surface underneath. 

13. Dog Food Storage Container

What is a Dog Food Storage Container?

A dog food storage container is a box, tub, or form of storage for dry dog food. While most brands of food come in handy bags, they are a breeze for dogs to destroy. Containers are available in different sizes, styles, and materials. Common materials include plastic, metal, and ceramic. You can also buy unique shapes and styles that fit in with your home decor.

Why Do You Need a Dog Food Storage Container?


It’s so easy for dogs to become overweight, which is why portion control exists. However, your dog doesn’t understand that. A dog food storage container lets you store your dog food safely without the worry of your pooch ripping the bag apart and eating the lot in one go. 

Storage Ease

It can be far easier to store a sealed container than it is an open bag. Once a bag of kibble is open, it’s a disaster waiting to happen. A sealed container offers peace of mind that your pantry won’t end up with kibble all through it. 


If your dog goes into boarding establishments often or is on the road with you a lot, then it can be convenient to have your dog food in a storage container that’s ready to hit the road with you. You don’t have to worry about open bags spilling in your car, or kennel owners misplacing your dog’s specific food. 

14. Dog Grooming Glove

What is a Dog Grooming Glove?

A dog grooming glove offers all the benefits of a brush, but with more control. You wear it on your hand and it has a comb-like pattern on the inside. While you’re patting your dog’s fur, you’re getting through to their undercoat and removing all their loose dander.

Dog grooming gloves are available in a range of styles, but most of them have a velcro piece at the top for you to secure it tightly onto your hand.

Why Do You Need a Dog Grooming Glove?


Most pet owners spend a lot of time patting their pets, so a dog grooming glove combines that task plus grooming into one. You don’t need a brush and, can instead, use a glove with bristles on the inside. 


Not every dog likes the feeling of a brush, which means they don’t get as much grooming as they need. If your dog thinks you’re patting them, then you can achieve that task while giving them what they want. 


If your dog doesn’t like to sit still, then the speed of a dog grooming glove can be helpful. You can quickly “pat” them, before cleaning up the fur from the glove afterward. 

15. Dog Hair Remover

What is a Dog Hair Remover?

A dog hair remover is a type of product with the sole job of removing fur. Some have sticky, removable layers that you roll over your clothing and furniture, while others use a textured material that grips against fur. There are all different types of dog hair remover, including single-use ones. If your dog sheds a lot, this product is for you. 

Why Do You Need a Dog Hair Remover?


Pet dander can pose an allergy risk to those who are sensitive. If you purchase a dog hair remover, you can remove much of the loose fur around your home, minimizing discomfort for sufferers. 


No one likes fur all over their furniture and clothing, but it goes hand in hand with dog ownership. A dog hair remover takes care of the mess and normally doesn’t take a long time. You can then make sure everything is presentable for visiting guests. 


Imagine going into a work meeting and your work clothes are covered in dander? A dog hair remover can make sure that’s not a problem. As you leave the house, you can use it on your clothing and head to work looking spic and span. 

16. Dog Backpack

What is a Dog Backpack?

A dog backpack can be something you carry a small toy dog in, or it can be a backpack that you put on your dog. The ones that you put your dog into often have holes for their legs and plenty of ventilation. There is also an opening for their head and soft material. Backpacks for dogs to wear often secure around their tummy area with velcro and allow them to head on hikes with you while they carry their own gear.

Why Do You Need a Dog Backpack?


If you have a toy dog that goes with you everywhere, then a backpack can be a safe and protective way to transport them. You get to keep your hands free, and you don’t have the concern of pulling them on a leash that could see them trampled underfoot. 


Both a dog backpack and one for your dog to wear are convenient. You don’t have to carry your small dog in your arms with a dog backpack. One that your pooch wears can also lighten your load significantly if they carry their own items.


Getting from A to B can be tricky with a dog, but a dog backpack makes it easier. You can put them in it then get on many forms of public transport without anyone blinking an eye. Even walking city streets is easier with such an addition. 

17. Dog Treat Pouch

What is a Dog Treat Pouch? 

A dog treat pouch is a small bag that’s purpose-built for dog treats. You wear it around your front like a fanny pack and pull treats out to give to your dog. The main reason people buy them is for training, but they are helpful in all types of situations.

Why Do You Need a Dog Treat Pouch?


It can be hard to train a dog if you don’t offer an incentive, which is why a dog treat pouch is convenient. You don’t have to fill your pockets with treats. Instead, you put them in the pouch and secure it around your middle. Training will go off without a hitch! 

Peace of Mind

Not everyone is confident in taking their dog into a public place. If you don’t trust your dog to behave, a treat pouch can be the motivation they need to do so.


Dog treats are a necessity in many situations, but they are not easy to carry. You end up with crumbs in your pockets which are not nice to feel! A bag keeps them safe and secure while also making sure your clothes are clean.

18. Dog Carrier

PetLuv Cat Pet Carrier for Travel

What is a Dog Carrier?

A dog carrier is a type of bag, pack, or cage for a dog. It can feature metal, plastic, or fabric, and comes in many different shapes, sizes, and styles. A plastic dog carrier is a must-have addition for a trip to the vets, while a metal one is perfect for trips in the car with a chew-happy dog. A material one, on the other hand, tends to be more of a backpack-type carrier for those who never go anywhere without man’s best friend. 

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Why Do You Need a Dog Carrier?


If you’re going anywhere with your dog, a leash isn’t always the best option. Small dogs often feel safer going to the vets in a cage, and some only travel well in the car in one as well. Sometimes a dog carrier is more convenient for the owner as well. 


Not every dog is the most well-behaved on a leash, which can make travel a nightmare. If you buy a dog carrier, you can take care of that problem. They go into a carrier as opposed to making their way to their destination on foot. 


Traveling in a vehicle with a dog can be dangerous if you don’t have them secured. What’s more, seatbelt harnesses are not every dog’s favorite. A dog carrier allows you to carry your dog safely in your car without them moving around when you come to a sudden stop. 

19. Dog Grooming Comb

What is a Dog Grooming Comb?

A dog grooming comb is a small grooming tool you use to untangle fur, remove loose dander, and give your dog a quick tidy-up. If your dog has long fur, a grooming comb is a must-have accessory. There are many different types on the market for small and large dogs  – some with metal teeth and some with plastic.

Why Do You Need a Dog Grooming Comb?


A disheveled dog looks like one that isn’t loved. No loving owner wants to offer that impression! Use a grooming comb to make your dog’s fur presentable so they look as well-loved as they are. 

Health and Hygiene

It can be easy to miss fleas unless your dog is scratching. A dog grooming comb allows you to pick up any fleas, ticks, insects, or problems lingering under their fur. 


Unkempt fur that’s knotted and tangled can be uncomfortable and itchy for a dog. If you use a grooming comb, you can make sure every strand of fur has its place for your dog’s comfort. 

20. Dog Grooming Scissors

What is Dog Grooming Scissors?

Dog grooming scissors are tools you require for the grooming of your dog. You can use them to cut out knots, trim around their eyes and ears, and make sure their coat is free of matting or tangles.

Why Do You Need Dog Grooming Scissors?

Knots, Tangles & Matting

A dog doesn’t look at its best when its fur is matted, tangled, and knotty. Grooming scissors allow you to trim and cut all those bits out so they can grow a thick, healthy coat. 


Some dogs, especially toy breeds, need regular grooming. Otherwise, their fur grows over their ears, paws, face, and eyes. Grooming scissors allow you to trim around these areas for your dog’s presentation. 


Summer heat is no fun for a long-haired dog. In summer, grooming scissors are important for cutting their fur to a manageable level. The same rule applies in winter. Long, wet, fur can make your dog cold. You can trim it back – especially around their feet – for their comfort. 

21. Dog Food Feeding Dispenser

What is a Dog Food Feeding Dispenser?

Is your dog overweight or on a diet? You might need a dog food feeding dispenser. Such an accessory is a must-have for any dog owner who wants to control their dog’s food intake. You can fill up the top container then change the settings for it to release as much as your dog needs for the day – and no more.

Why Do You Need a Dog Food Feeding Dispenser?

Portion Control

Portion control is crucial for your dog to maintain their figure. A feeding dispenser makes sure they get as much as they need for the day. 


If your dog is overweight, it can be a bit of a process to get them back to a healthy weight range. A dog food feeding dispenser can help. It will feed your dog at the time you set, with the amount you specified. 


Many small breeds live in apartments with their owners who may not be home all day. If you’re worried about getting home on time to feed your dog, you can set the timer on a dispenser to release food when dinner time rolls around. 

22. Dog Harness

What is a Dog Harness?

A collar and leash are often not enough to control your dog on a walk, but a harness could be. A harness is robust material strips that connect together with holes for all four legs. There’s normally a padded strip at the front to go across their chest and D-rings on top for connection to a leash. They come in all different colors, sizes, and materials to suit your dog.

Why Do You Need a Dog Harness?


Some dogs like to pull on their leash which tightens their collar around their neck. The gagging sound they make can be horrible, but they don’t learn! A dog harness removes the pressure from their neck and distributes it across their body. They won’t feel choked with a dog harness. 


It can seem like hard work to control a dog on a leash when it’s attached to a collar. One small strip of material separates you from the control of your dog in a potentially dangerous situation. If you need to pull your dog back when they are wearing a dog harness, there is a lot more to hold them back. 


Dog harnesses are ideal not only for walking but in the car as well. They come with loops to slip the seat belt through so you can secure them in a seat in your car. The versatility is unparalleled.

23. Dog Ramp

What is a Dog Ramp?

Small and elderly dogs are in more need of a dog ramp than any other. A dog ramp can provide them access to your home, your bed, or any other area of the house that they may not be able to access due to size or stiffness. There are many different sizes and styles on the market, including some with grippy fabric on the top to offer resistance. 

Why Do You Need a Dog Ramp?


Some dogs are so small that they struggle to reach anything in your house. If they sleep on your bed at night, a ramp can help them reach it. Sometimes, homeowners even need them at the entrance to their home so their dog can go outside and use the toilet.


Old dogs with stiff, aging limbs and arthritis can’t run, jump, and bound around like they used to. A ramp can see them access the same parts of your home with ease and a bit more comfort.


It’s more convenient for you as a dog owner to provide a ramp for your dog that can’t access all parts of your home. Otherwise, you’ll spend much of your time lifting them and coaxing them to places they couldn’t otherwise access. 

24. Dog Playpen

What is a Dog Playpen?

If you need to contain your dog or puppies somewhere for a short time, a dog playpen is the answer. You get to choose the size you want out of a range of options, then enjoy the convenience of how easy it is to put together. Some are basic metal, while others are colorful and plastic. Some also come with flooring or extra height to stop dogs from trying to escape.

Why Do You Need a Dog Playpen?


If you are going to an event that allows controlled pets, then a playpen can be helpful. They get their own space, while you get peace of mind that they are restrained without having to clip them on a leash. 


Mother dogs and their puppies can feel safe and secure in an area with no threats. A playpen offers that environment. You can set them up with bedding and toileting areas and they have enough room to move around and discover their surroundings. 


Are you trying to find puppies a new home? Are they on display? A playpen lets people see the dogs and interact with them while keeping them safe in one area. They are also easy to move around and pack up too. 

25. Dog Gate

What is a Dog Gate?

A dog gate is similar to a baby gate as it stops a dog from entering a part of your home in which it’s not allowed. You can secure it in a doorway, extend it to the correct width, then lock the gate. When you need to get through, you can open the gate and walk through. Dog gates are also of different heights so that you don’t have to worry about large dogs jumping over small gates.

Why Do You Need a Dog Gate?


If your dog is not that good with strangers coming to the door, then a dog gate protects both your dog and the visitor. When someone knocks on the door, you can provide a barrier between the dog and the visitor at the door.


Tired of your dog getting under your feet in the kitchen? Put a gate between the kitchen door and the rest of the home. You can then cook in peace without a doe-eyed dog trying to beg for scraps.


If you have an inside dog that isn’t allowed to venture out to a part of your property, then a dog gate is a safety measure. You can leave the door open for warm, summer days, but still, have that layer of protection in place. 

26. Dog Stairs

What are Dog Stairs?

Dog stairs are convenient and portable stairs that you can set up against almost anything. Sometimes, they feature weatherproof material for use outside. Other times, they are carpeted for inside use. There are many different sizes on the market, so its important to measure where you’re going to put them against the height.

Why Do You Need Dog Stairs?

Small Dogs

If your small dog has trouble getting onto your bed at night or getting inside the house after going to the toilet, then they need dog stairs. They help them to get to where they need to be, regardless of their short stature. 

Aging Dogs

Aging dogs often have stiff joints and arthritis. They can’t jump as easily as they used to, so won’t be able to get onto your bed or your sofa that comfortably. Dog stairs can make that process a bit easier for your senior citizen. 


If you want your dog to be an agility star, then buy dog stairs for your obstacle course. They can learn all kinds of new tricks while also getting a much-needed workout at the same time. 

27. Dog Shampoo

What is Dog Shampoo?

Dog shampoo is a liquid or solid bar product that you use to clean your dog’s fur and skin. It’s available in a bottle, the same as your own, or in a bar for you to use as soap. Dog shampoo differs from human shampoo and is far safer for their skin. It’s also available as an organic product or with sensitive ingredients for dogs with poor skin.

Why Do You Need Dog Shampoo?

Sensitive Skin

Most dog shampoo has gentle ingredients which dogs need. If your pooch has particularly sensitive skin, then natural dog shampoo is a must-have for you. It can prevent flair-ups while also keeping their fur clean. 

Clean Fur

If your dog has been to the beach, a local watering hole, or has been rolling around in puddles and mud, then you’re going to need more than water! Put them in the bath or shower – or outside – with dog shampoo and plenty of water. They will be clean and soft in no time. 


Dog shampoo is a must-have accessory if you have show dogs. Their fur must always look clean and tidy, and water on its own won’t achieve that. Use chemical-free dog shampoo for the perfect look. 

28. Dog Pillow

What is a Dog Pillow?

A dog pillow is a soft, plush pillow that acts as a bed for a dog. Instead of making them sleep on the ground, they get a bit of padding for a restful night’s sleep. They come in many different shapes, colors, sizes, and styles. Some also feature memory foam as opposed to poly filler, and many are ideal for outdoor use.

Why Do You Need a Dog Pillow?


A blanket or the floor isn’t all that comfortable, especially for an aging dog. A dog pillow is soft and plush, perfect for a pooch who desires comfort in their later years. 

Kennel Filler

If your dog has an outside kennel, then they are going to need something to put in it. Otherwise, it’s a hard floor and a blank canvas. Fill it with a dog pillow for comfort. 


Dogs feel the cold like people do, which is why it’s worth investing in a dog pillow. If it has foam or filler on the inside, it can trap their body heat and make them feel warm and cozy through the night.  \

29. Dog Raincoat

What is a Dog Raincoat?

A dog raincoat is a form of attire for a dog. It’s never nice walking a dog in the rain because they get wet fur. With a dog raincoat, you can walk without that happening. It often features a hood and has waterproof material to protect their fur from moisture. There are also different sizes and styles to suit various breeds.

Why Do You Need a Dog Raincoat?

Weather Protection

Don’t let your furry friend get wet on your next walk! Put a dog raincoat on them so their fur doesn’t become sodden and uncomfortable. 

Fur Protection

If your dog has long fur, it rarely looks the same once they’ve been out in the rain for a long time. Keep it as the groomers made it by putting a raincoat on them. 


When little dogs, in particular, get wet fur, they begin to shake and get cold. A rain jacket for dogs can stop this from happening. It slips onto them easily and stops them feeling wet, cold, and miserable. 


You might think that as long as you love your dog, that’s all they need, but that’s not the case. Dogs need comfort, warmth, shelter, food, training, and all manner of extras to be the best dogs they can be!

Take the time to think about the accessories your dog might need. Items such as these above can not only make your dog more comfortable but your life easier as well.


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